Monday, July 16, 2012

Tallinn on a rainy summer day

Elka X Norse Projects raincoat

Me and Thomas spent the rainiest summer monday yet in Tallinn. It takes just about 90 minutes to reach our southern neighbors but man was that catamaran ride bumpy. Japanese tourists were emptying their stomaches left and right when the vessel was spinning around all X, Y and Z axes.

But how did we spend those 10 hours in the city? There was endless talk around such topics as traveling, games industry, partying, movies etc. - and more. But where?

  • Reval Cafe at Viru Keskus: weird club sandwiches (apricot jam with chicken) + cappuccino. 2/5

  • Beer House: I had forgotten that it’s Oktoberfest every day in this joint, but man was that mustard hot! My sausage pan of four different sausages and beans was pretty tasty. And yes, their locally brewed beer was still excellent. 3/5

  • Reede: shopping! I found myself a stylish rain jacket (Elka X Norse Projects) that’s cut in the shape of classic parka and is pitch black. 5/5

  •  Josephine Cafe: dark and comfy grandma type (or 1930s Paris) of coffee joint with tasty truffles and heavy chocolate cheese cake. Coffee was tasty, too. 4/5

  • Mad Murphy’s: well - it’s an irich pub and we watched some Tour de France over there while having some drinks. The ale they had on tap was tasty and cost just 3.5€ per pint. 3/5 

  • African Kitchen: one of my favorite spots to eat in Tallinn didn’t let us down. Wara was tasty, piri-piri chicken was tasty - 4/5.

We didn’t get our free crates of beer (I had spotted us a weird deal that included the day trip and two crates of A. Le Coq -beer, though, as the stormy weather made Linda Line cancel our cruise back home. Luckily we got seats from Tallink Superstar which was way more comfortable way of travelling back home.

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