Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Windows 8 doesn’t seem to be reasserting the dominance of the PC. Windows Phone is not a viable third platform. Bing is still burning money. The Microsoft nightmare scenario is actually becoming a reality.

Many of my friends have decided to skip Windows 8 for now. Few of those are buying a new PC soon but decided to get Windows 7 for it because they don’t see Metro (or whatever it’s called now) as a viable solution to the desktop world of 2012. 

Nokia 920, the top-of-the-line Windows 8 phone is a beautiful product with awesome camera and specs (except it’s weight), but I still only know a few people who are willing to jump to a new platform after so many years of IOS. That’s a real challenge.

Steve Ballmer’s Nightmare Is Coming True - Yahoo! Finance

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